Rebounds – Day 13

Staying Steady Today started with a bodyweight functional circuit.  It was intense and fast paced HIIT that lasted around 40 minutes. I feel like this setup some hunger for later on in the day. I dealt with the hunger throughout the morning, mostly will power but I did have a cup of coffee and plenty of […]

Rebounds – Day 6

Summary Heavy lift day with a focus on Bench Press. Most notable observation today was that I was significantly weaker than I was last week for bench. I still had a solid workout overall but the rep count on the same weight load was down. I broke fast with a protein shake during my workout […]

Rebound Chronicles – Intro

This will be a series. A real time chronicle of my journey to achieve my former conditioning or better.  Series Mantra: Fast Daily, Eat Fully, Workout Consistently ! Background: I have just completed a cross-country move from Texas to New York due to military reassignment. This journey was not direct, rather it included stops in Georgia, […]