Rebounds – Day 4

Summary Productive day with a heavy workout focused around deadlifts. This was performed at 20 hours fasted. I broke not long after my workout, approximately 21 ½ hours today. I broke with a protein shake, then ate fried pork with 2 bananas, this was in an effort to keep protein high. The bananas were primary […]

Rebounds – Day 3

Summary Today was a slow Sunday. Eating early yesterday kind of forced me to go longer on my fast today. I broke at 23 ½ hours. My meal time was almost the same as yesterday so that was convenient. I held it open longer to allow tomorrow to offset. I focused on protein today like […]

Rebound Chronicles – Intro

This will be a series. A real time chronicle of my journey to achieve my former conditioning or better.  Series Mantra: Fast Daily, Eat Fully, Workout Consistently ! Background: I have just completed a cross-country move from Texas to New York due to military reassignment. This journey was not direct, rather it included stops in Georgia, […]

Long Term Diet Success

Below are some diet strategies that many of us have tried during our journey to lose weight: Weight Watchers Keto Diet Atkins Diet Shakes Vegetarian Carnivore South Beach Diet  Mediterranean Diet The Zone  Jenny Craig Slim Fast Paleo Whole 30 Biggest Loser Diet TLC Diet With so many options and tons more (I can’t begin […]