Rebounds – Day 27

This a mild day, I wouldn’t say I had extreme hunger pangs but I also didn’t feel completely comfortable in the fast. It was somewhere in the middle.  I started the day with a 4-mile group run, followed by a ton of sprints. I broke fast with doughnuts in celebration of a coworker’s birthday. This was […]

Rebounds – Day 12

Adjustment Pangs I had massive cravings today. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to shift my eating window later in the evening. In hopes that this will align better with my new work schedule. Today started with a 3.6-mile group run that lasted 32 minutes, this would normally be an acceptable pace for that distance. […]

Rebounds – Day 4

Summary Productive day with a heavy workout focused around deadlifts. This was performed at 20 hours fasted. I broke not long after my workout, approximately 21 ½ hours today. I broke with a protein shake, then ate fried pork with 2 bananas, this was in an effort to keep protein high. The bananas were primary […]

Rebounds – Day 2

Summary Not much to report on today. I think there will be many days like today if all goes well. You/I should fall into a rhythm as daily habits become more normal. I ate at 20 ½ hours today, which was 2pm. I grilled 3 burgers with bacon, cheese and bun. Which was an effort […]

Rebounds – Day 1

Summary Today went well overall on the fasting side. Staying busy trying to settle in helped get through a few times when I was experiencing hunger pangs. I have found in the past, that staying busy and sipping on tea or coffee can help these cravings pass. This held true today, I sipped on some […]

Choosing an Exercise Strategy

I find that exercise and fasting go hand in hand.  The most frequent question that I get is, “What exercise routine should I do? I always answer this question with the same reply, “What are your goals?” It is important to understand that we are each unique. Our goals, expectations, and ideals are as varied […]