Rebounds – Day 19

Routines  Today I felt the change that I have been waiting for. I have mentioned it a few times in talking about adaption. I like to estimate 3-5 weeks for the adaption phase of a new routine. Today I am not quite at 3 weeks and I felt the shift towards normalcy. I was not […]

Rebounds – Day 18

Monday This is the first day that I felt like the new routine is sticking. While I had a little bit of hunger cravings around midafternoon, it was very mild and tolerable. My morning began with a 4.6-mile group run. Very busy day but not too stressful. I think this helps keep the cravings down […]

Rebounds – Day 17

Sunday Overall I felt like this was a successful day. I still had cravings around the normal times 1-3pm. outside of that, carvings were minimal. I waited until it was time to break, 4:30pm, to do my run and gym time. This allowed me to push a little deeper into the fast without much effort. […]

Rebounds – Day 13

Staying Steady Today started with a bodyweight functional circuit.  It was intense and fast paced HIIT that lasted around 40 minutes. I feel like this setup some hunger for later on in the day. I dealt with the hunger throughout the morning, mostly will power but I did have a cup of coffee and plenty of […]

Rebounds – Day 12

Adjustment Pangs I had massive cravings today. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to shift my eating window later in the evening. In hopes that this will align better with my new work schedule. Today started with a 3.6-mile group run that lasted 32 minutes, this would normally be an acceptable pace for that distance. […]

Rebounds – Day 11

Successful day! Heavy Deadlift workout with some strong lifts, at 19 hours fasted. I had some cake for my son’s birthday, a very generous helping or two. For the meal I had ribeye steak, mac n cheese and new potatoes. The only thing I would change about the selection was more protein. I anticipate craving […]

Rebounds – Day 10

Rebounds – Day 10 Today went mostly as planned. I went to church, had lunch after. A few guys from the church all went to a Chinese buffet. I like this because it allows me to emphasize my protein load. I find that getting full on proteins helps me stay full longer. And added benefits […]