Rebounds – Day 30

It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I started recording this journey. I can say confidently that I am back to my former state of conditioning. I even look pretty much the same. I am still quite a bit heavier (maybe 10lbs…) I am not overly concerned with this. I feel […]

Rebounds – Day 29

My scheduled allowed for some additional gym time today so I took advantage of that and decided to do a bench press workout. This went well and I broke after at 22 hours. I had a ceremony to attend that included food, so I used this as my meal time. I tried to prioritize protein, […]

Rebounds – Day 27

This a mild day, I wouldn’t say I had extreme hunger pangs but I also didn’t feel completely comfortable in the fast. It was somewhere in the middle.  I started the day with a 4-mile group run, followed by a ton of sprints. I broke fast with doughnuts in celebration of a coworker’s birthday. This was […]

Rebounds – Day 26

Today was a struggle in the afternoon. I got hungry around 12 and it didn’t fade any until I ate around 4pm. I made it 22 hours, but I would’ve broken at 20 hours today if I had opportunity. The most encouraging aspects of the day was that I stayed in Ketosis despite the carbs […]

Rebounds – Day 24

Glycogen Depletion Let me start with, today was rough. I assume it was residual from my day of eating off cycle. I woke up hungry and that didn’t change any until I finally ate. I barely made it to 20 hours, but I almost broke as early as 14. The craving and pangs were just […]

Rebounds – Day 22

Delayed Post  I wasn’t able to get this one posted yesterday. At work we had a very interesting luncheon/ potluck. I approach this type of thing base on the situation. I prefer not to break my fasting schedule, but occasionally it is worth it to me. We have to balance the significance of the event […]

Rebounds – Day 21

Week 3 ends with a very routine schedule. I fasted for almost 23 hours; I had leftover burgers from yesterday with some scrambled eggs. It went well with no cravings to fight through. The morning started with a “too quick for my taste” 3-mile run. It was mostly interval sprints done similar to a fartlek […]