Rebounds – Day 9

That wasn’t in the Fit Fasting brochure… Wow! I have never been so excited to fall off track in my life… Probably because I usually don’t have so many people to share the experience with. Let’s start with why is happened, then what happened, then what I did about it.  Why it happened… This started […]

Rebounds – Day 5

Summary Fast today was almost 23 hours due to timing after the gym and cooking. I prefer not to go that long, but on a day when I wasn’t lifting heavy… I’ll take it. I had a decently large meal, ended up with a little bit of leftover chicken that I couldn’t finish. Meal consisted […]

Rebounds – Day 3

Summary Today was a slow Sunday. Eating early yesterday kind of forced me to go longer on my fast today. I broke at 23 ½ hours. My meal time was almost the same as yesterday so that was convenient. I held it open longer to allow tomorrow to offset. I focused on protein today like […]

Rebounds – Day 2

Summary Not much to report on today. I think there will be many days like today if all goes well. You/I should fall into a rhythm as daily habits become more normal. I ate at 20 ½ hours today, which was 2pm. I grilled 3 burgers with bacon, cheese and bun. Which was an effort […]

16:8 Intermittent Fasting

This is likely the most well-known schedule for Intermittent Fasters.  Those familiar with my other posts know that this is not a schedule that I promote. However, I do want to give an overview and point out a few considerations.  16 refers to the number of hours fasted each day, 8 is the number of […]

Getting Back on Track

HELP!!! I fell off my diet… what to I do now? This is something that I have dealt with personally several times. I have spoken with countless individuals that have had similar experiences as mine. You are doing well in a routine, you are finding success, life is great.  Then you fall of track.  We […]

What About Insulin?

It is not uncommon to hear dieters, nutritionists and even doctors speak about the need to lower insulin. Low carb is very popular right now with this focus in mind. Many of you may be unfamiliar with the insulin discussion. What is it? Why does it need to be low? The first and foremost point […]

One Meal A Day (OMAD)

The first thing that I want to clarify is that this style of eating is not for everyone. If this intrigues you then by all means give it a shot. If it seems too extreme that is fine too. This is intended to be informational in nature.  OMAD is at its core just eating one […]

20:4 Fasting

What does a 20:4 eating window look like? As many of you may know this is the schedule that I keep most commonly over the past year. I have received many comments asking how I do it and what it’s like. I began with an 18:6 window which means I ate all of my calories […]

I Cheated On My Diet

I find that the most common phrase used in the dieting world is “I cheated”, followed closely by “I fell off the bandwagon”.  This perspective is dominant in many fad diets and has carried over into other lifestyle choices. I believe this is psychologically damaging to your journey. In yesterday’s blog we discussed making lifestyle […]