Rebounds – Day 30

It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I started recording this journey. I can say confidently that I am back to my former state of conditioning. I even look pretty much the same. I am still quite a bit heavier (maybe 10lbs…) I am not overly concerned with this. I feel […]

Rebounds – Day 29

My scheduled allowed for some additional gym time today so I took advantage of that and decided to do a bench press workout. This went well and I broke after at 22 hours. I had a ceremony to attend that included food, so I used this as my meal time. I tried to prioritize protein, […]

Rebounds – Day 28

Very hungry day to close out the 4thweek of this chronicle. My weight hasn’t shifted much at all, but my clothes fit and appearance is much leaner. Several people have mentioned me looking thinner since I got here. Today was my lowest weight on the scale in 2 weeks. However, I feel much better which […]

Rebounds – Day 26

Today was a struggle in the afternoon. I got hungry around 12 and it didn’t fade any until I ate around 4pm. I made it 22 hours, but I would’ve broken at 20 hours today if I had opportunity. The most encouraging aspects of the day was that I stayed in Ketosis despite the carbs […]

Rebounds – Day 19

Routines  Today I felt the change that I have been waiting for. I have mentioned it a few times in talking about adaption. I like to estimate 3-5 weeks for the adaption phase of a new routine. Today I am not quite at 3 weeks and I felt the shift towards normalcy. I was not […]

Rebounds – Day 18

Monday This is the first day that I felt like the new routine is sticking. While I had a little bit of hunger cravings around midafternoon, it was very mild and tolerable. My morning began with a 4.6-mile group run. Very busy day but not too stressful. I think this helps keep the cravings down […]

Rebounds – Day 17

Sunday Overall I felt like this was a successful day. I still had cravings around the normal times 1-3pm. outside of that, carvings were minimal. I waited until it was time to break, 4:30pm, to do my run and gym time. This allowed me to push a little deeper into the fast without much effort. […]

Rebounds – Day 11

Successful day! Heavy Deadlift workout with some strong lifts, at 19 hours fasted. I had some cake for my son’s birthday, a very generous helping or two. For the meal I had ribeye steak, mac n cheese and new potatoes. The only thing I would change about the selection was more protein. I anticipate craving […]

Rebounds – Day 9

That wasn’t in the Fit Fasting brochure… Wow! I have never been so excited to fall off track in my life… Probably because I usually don’t have so many people to share the experience with. Let’s start with why is happened, then what happened, then what I did about it.  Why it happened… This started […]

Rebounds – Day 8

Summary I had a great workout today. Squats were strong, I went up in weight so my rep count was low. Without a previous try at those weights it’s hard to gauge much. Most notable for today was doing 305lbs for 20 reps. Doing rep counts at 20 is a beast, you are running out […]