Rebounds – Day 30

It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I started recording this journey. I can say confidently that I am back to my former state of conditioning. I even look pretty much the same. I am still quite a bit heavier (maybe 10lbs...) I am not overly concerned with this. I feel [...]

Rebounds – Day 29

My scheduled allowed for some additional gym time today so I took advantage of that and decided to do a bench press workout. This went well and I broke after at 22 hours. I had a ceremony to attend that included food, so I used this as my meal time. I tried to prioritize protein, [...]

Rebounds – Day 28

Very hungry day to close out the 4thweek of this chronicle. My weight hasn’t shifted much at all, but my clothes fit and appearance is much leaner. Several people have mentioned me looking thinner since I got here. Today was my lowest weight on the scale in 2 weeks. However, I feel much better which [...]

Rebounds – Day 27

This a mild day, I wouldn’t say I had extreme hunger pangs but I also didn’t feel completely comfortable in the fast. It was somewhere in the middle.  I started the day with a 4-mile group run, followed by a ton of sprints. I broke fast with doughnuts in celebration of a coworker’s birthday. This was [...]

Rebounds – Day 26

Today was a struggle in the afternoon. I got hungry around 12 and it didn’t fade any until I ate around 4pm. I made it 22 hours, but I would’ve broken at 20 hours today if I had opportunity. The most encouraging aspects of the day was that I stayed in Ketosis despite the carbs [...]

Rebounds – Day 24

Glycogen Depletion Let me start with, today was rough. I assume it was residual from my day of eating off cycle. I woke up hungry and that didn’t change any until I finally ate. I barely made it to 20 hours, but I almost broke as early as 14. The craving and pangs were just [...]