Glycogen Depletion

Let me start with, today was rough. I assume it was residual from my day of eating off cycle. I woke up hungry and that didn’t change any until I finally ate. I barely made it to 20 hours, but I almost broke as early as 14. The craving and pangs were just intense and they didn’t fade this time. I pushed through primarily because I want to keep this eating pattern this coming week. I felt like getting off track today would’ve made that even harder. 

This brought up familiar feelings. Something I hadn’t felt in a while and didn’t recognize for the first half of the day. I was in Ketosis, I verified with a blood test once I realized what I was feeling. It was trace but still present. 

This was a big reminder. One of the tracking mechanisms that I frequently used prior to the move was ketone tests. Despite eating a high carb diet, I was able to stay in ketosis the majority of the day. Based on the feelings I had today, I don’t think I’ve been in that state for the past 2 months, maybe longer. 

This caused me to look at my current plan. You can see from my weight tracker below, there has been very little weight fluctuation the past 3 weeks. I suspect that a likely cause for this is the overload of glycogen. If you aren’t familiar, glucose is your bodies preferred source of energy. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose; it is kept in reserve in the muscles and the liver. When glycogen is depleted (in short supply) the body increases its use of fatty acids for energy. These fatty acids are converted to Ketones and then ATP to be used as energy. The presence of ketones indicates that you are using more fat as energy than glucose/glycogen. 

It is my hypothesis now, that the past 3 weeks I was more focused on keeping track of Macros/Calories (which I still do not recommend) and as a result I lost track of the important measurement: tracking my own metabolic response.

I do not plan to make any conscience changes to my routine this week. However, I do want to track my state of ketosis before each meal. Most important to me is learning when I enter Ketosis (trace is sufficient) and how long I stay in prior to my next meal. This will give me an indication of the amount of time I spend each day chipping away at fat stores. 

Stay tuned…

Weight in #

Day 0 – 269

Day 1 – 269

Day 2 – 268

Day 3 – 268

Day 4 – 270

Day 5 – 264

Day 6 – 266

Day 7 – 265

Day 8 – 266

Day 9 – 270

Day 10 – DNW

Day 11 – 269

Day 12 – 268

Day 13 – 267

Day 14 – 268

Day 15 – 269

Day 16 – 269

Day 17 – 271

Day 18 – 271

Day 19 – 268

Day 20 – 268

Day 21 – 267

Day 22 – 267

Day 23 – 267

Day 24 – 268

Current 7-day average – 268

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