Two Weeks 

I broke earlier today than I planned but I think I am still in a good position going into the weekend. I had anticipated breaking around 4pm, which would’ve been 23 ½ hours. I am not loving these longer fasts but I am trying to push that window further back into the evening. At 2:30 I had opportunity to eat at 21 hours, so I decided to take it rather than miss the opportunity. I am still settling into this work schedule. A retrospective view reassures me that this decision was appropriate. The next opportunity that I had to eat was around 6:30pm, given my state of hunger pangs when I broke, I anticipate that another 4 hours would have intensified them greatly. 

I had a Ribeye steak, 3 burgers with cheese and tomatoes (no bun). Later I had a few cookies and some peanut MMs. I am not tracking currently as I explained yesterday. This morning’s workout was an obstacle course, then this evening after work I ran a mile. My only concern going into tomorrow is that I closed really early (4pm). This may put me in a situation that requires a 24-hour fast tomorrow to stay on track. I will take it in stride and attempt to make the most out of what opportunities present. 

Weight in #

Day 0 – 269

Day 1 – 269

Day 2 – 268

Day 3 – 268

Day 4 – 270

Day 5 – 264

Day 6 – 266

Day 7 – 265

Day 8 – 266

Day 9 – 270

Day 10 – DNW

Day 11 – 269

Day 12 – 268

Day 13 – 267

Day 14 – 268

Current 7 day average – 268

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