Rebounds – Day 10

Today went mostly as planned. I went to church, had lunch after. A few guys from the church all went to a Chinese buffet. I like this because it allows me to emphasize my protein load. I find that getting full on proteins helps me stay full longer. And added benefits is that animal proteins generally include animal fats. Fat and Protein is a great mixture for helping you stay full longer. I got full there and had a decent meal that included several varieties of chicken, shrimp and a little bit of fish. This came up to 296 of proteins spread across 3 plates. Carbs were moderate and mostly coming from rice until I added some deserts. Ice cream and those Chinese doughnuts bumped the carbs up slightly. This had me quite full despite being low in calories (3600). You may remember the issue that I had a couple day ago from a lower calorie load and closing my window early. 

With this in mind, I opted for a new strategy for today. At 6pm, I input and evaluated everything that I just told you. I felt like 3600 calories could hold me over until tomorrow so eating now is not a must. However, I also factored in my upcoming schedule. I want my dinner this week to be in the 5-7pm range and I finished eating at 2pm today. I don’t like the position that puts me in tomorrow. I’m not hungry and not having cravings, but I feel like that will change before bedtime. I looked around my fridge and cabinets for a snack option that could give me a decent amount of protein but stay low on carbs and fats. I settled on beefy jerky and a protein shake. 

Note: Normally I recommend eating based on your cravings rather than a Macro count. Keep in mind that I have no cravings or hunger here. I am eating to offset tomorrow’s schedule change and I have already satisfied cravings.

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 399g

Fat – 145g

Carbs – 380g

Total – 4626 calories


Tomorrow is a lifting day, should include heavy deadlifts. I will try to work out later in the day since it is a holiday. Possibly around 1-3pm, followed by a short delay and then my meal. I want to eat around 5pm tomorrow if hunger is in check. If I need to break early, 2:30pm will give me 20 hours, everything after that point is an attempt to lengthen my window for the following day. 

Weight in #

Day 0 – 269

Day 1 – 269

Day 2 – 268

Day 3 – 268

Day 4 – 270

Day 5 – 264

Day 6 – 266

Day 7 – 265

Day 8 – 266

Day 9 – 270

Day 10 – DNW

Current 7 day average – 267

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