That wasn’t in the Fit Fasting brochure

Wow! I have never been so excited to fall off track in my life… Probably because I usually don’t have so many people to share the experience with. Let’s start with why is happened, then what happened, then what I did about it. 

Why it happened…

This started at yesterdays meal. I closed because I was full. I even close a little early if you were reading yesterday. Very simple, no frills day. I noticed when I input my macros into MyFitnessPal that I was 1,000 calories less than my normal. Usually this is a positive thing when dieting (not that I consider this dieting but less calories in generally considered a good thing). When I looked over my Macros yesterday my main observations were that calories were down but protein was fine (223g) I can live with that. My hope was that the protein would carry me well and I would be fine considering I had no hunger. 

I believe that if I could’ve gotten to bed/sleep early in the evening this could’ve been avoided altogether. Not what happened so we won’t dwell on the “what ifs”. 

What happened…

Around 8pm I got my first desire to eat. This is when I started rethinking my strategy for the day and wondering why I closed so early. A portion of this reconsideration was that I had a very intense squat workout that morning. So, not only had I eaten too little, I had also worked out harder. Not a great combo. First wave I brushed off like a champ. I should’ve had some warm tea in this situation. Second wave and third wave, same thing. Just brush them off like no worry. Then came the biggie, I had to do a walkthrough of a building where other soldiers live. This was around 11pm, during that walkthrough I smelled popcorn. I’m not addicted to popcorn like some of my comrades, but I enjoy it. I think that most will agree that the smell of popcorn is a hard aroma to resist. I was able to push that off, finish my checks, get back home. By the time I got home the hunger cravings were intense. I believe this was mostly due to the popcorn and having ignored them for the past 3 hours. 

What I did about it…

I’m not suggesting that every time you get intense hunger cravings that you should cave. I would recommend the opposite in most circumstances. At midnight I decided to break the short fast that I had going. It may seem reasonable to just have a snack here and satisfy the craving so I can sleep. This approach is acceptable, but not the course I chose on this occasion. I decided to get full. I broke out all my snacks, sat at the table, and enjoyed myself until I was comfortably full. Once I got there, I packed it up and prepared to go to sleep. 

What now?

I think this decision is something that many people struggle with after an alteration in their plan. It is tempting to restart the fast at 12:30 am, then try to get a new 20 hours. This puts your next meal at 8pm today. I’m not a fan of this. Another temptation is to just skip the meal today, go for longer without eating and maybe you end up with 36-40 hours of not eating. I’m not a fan of this either. I am not opposed to EF (extended fasting) but I believe that it has a purpose and should be scheduled. It should never be a retaliation to you mismanaged eating. This is the equivalent of punishing your body for failing a fast. I’m not a fan of this approach either. There is an opposite reaction that is sometimes common as well. “I screwed up, so I might as well enjoy it”. Guess what… not a fan of this one either. No big surprise there, I hope. 

So, what did I do? I enjoyed my snack last night, slept it off, ate lunch today around my planned time, and then closed my window. I still ate to my cravings; I still tracked my macros after. I only ate like 2k calories at lunch. Not because I was restricting, but rather because my body had filled many of those cravings earlier in the morning. This consisted of protein pancakes, bacon and eggs. I have included the macro breakdown from the midnight meal and the lunchtime meal together for transparency. It should jump out to you that this number is HIGH!! Good, I want you to see that one day makes no difference in the grand scheme as long as you are consistent. By Monday there will be no evidence of this binge on the scale or body composition. 

Small confession: I wrote that, and then looked at the numbers and I laughed literally out loud. It was even higher than I anticipated. Still not worried. 

Your body responds to the most persistent stimuli 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 195g

Fat – 365g

Carbs – 907g

Total – 7010 calories


My plan for tomorrow is unchanged since I was able to keep my planned meal schedule for today. I will eat after church, hopefully in the 1-3pm timeframe. Then I will hold my window open a little later to start pushing my meal times later. The plan is to be eating meals around 5-7 by the end of the week. Fingers crossed… this will require more uses of teas. I will talk through those as we get to that point. 

Weight in #

Day 0 – 269

Day 1 – 269

Day 2 – 268

Day 3 – 268

Day 4 – 270

Day 5 – 264

Day 6 – 266

Day 7 – 265

Day 8 – 266

Day 9 – 270

Current 7 day average – 267

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