I had a great workout today. Squats were strong, I went up in weight so my rep count was low. Without a previous try at those weights it’s hard to gauge much. Most notable for today was doing 305lbs for 20 reps. Doing rep counts at 20 is a beast, you are running out of glycogen during your set and forcing your body to resupply mid-set. Which turns the second half of the set into a cardio centric-movement due to the aerobic system being engaged. What I’m saying in plain English, doing squat sets of 20 is a full body workout and it takes like 5 minutes to catch your breath after. My fast went well. It felt short even though it was 20 hours. I ate at a Chinese buffet for today’s meal. I made use of their hibachi grill to make sure I had ample protein, mostly chicken. 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 223g

Fat – 117g

Carbs – 359g

Total – 3528 calories


There was nothing significant to review today. I felt like the day went as planned. My fast was easy with almost nothing to report other than, it went as planned. I feel like this is the way that it should be once you are accustomed to a fasting lifestyle. It just becomes normal, very little fanfare over the specifics. If you are just starting out and adapting, expect it to take weeks or even months to get to that point. 


I am mostly including this for your consideration in planning your own fasting schedule. I have nothing significant tomorrow that would influence my eating window. However, I can anticipate that Sunday I will likely get invited to a lunch at someone’s house. Even if not an invite I can stop after church and eat. With that in mind, I should be prepared to eat as early as noon on Sunday. Which means that I should close my window tomorrow by 4 pm. I closed my mealtime today at 3:30 pm, meaning that I can open as early as 11:30 am tomorrow, but I need to be closed no later than 4:00 pm. This gives me a flexible window to play with tomorrow as I gauge my hunger and activity levels. 

Weight in #

Day 0 – 269

Day 1 – 269

Day 2 – 268

Day 3 – 268

Day 4 – 270

Day 5 – 264

Day 6 – 266

Day 7 – 265

Day 8 – 266

Current 7 day average – 266.7

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