Fast today was almost 23 hours due to timing after the gym and cooking. I prefer not to go that long, but on a day when I wasn’t lifting heavy… I’ll take it. I had a decently large meal, ended up with a little bit of leftover chicken that I couldn’t finish. Meal consisted of: Protein pancakes, 3 hamburgers, a chicken leg and some sweet tea. No desert today but the pancakes had syrup. 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 189g

Fat – 182g

Carbs – 587g

Total – 4061 calories


Workout was good. Right at 30 minutes of a functional HIIT circuit. I waited for food to digest this evening and then jogged 3 miles before dark. 

I went over on my carb goals but I’m not stressing it. Tomorrow is a heavy lifting day so I will deplete those and likely need more. 


Tomorrow will most likely be in the 21-22 hour range again. I have a heavy bench day so I may break during or immediately after with a protein shake. 

Tomorrow is going to be carb heavy which is in keeping with most of my heavy bench press days. 

Rebound Start Weight


Current Weight


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