Productive day with a heavy workout focused around deadlifts. This was performed at 20 hours fasted. I broke not long after my workout, approximately 21 ½ hours today. I broke with a protein shake, then ate fried pork with 2 bananas, this was in an effort to keep protein high. The bananas were primary for the fructose spiking insulin, plus any potassium shortfalls from the fast. I closed with a Root beer and a pack of Reece’s, which cost me about 680 calories combined. I was fine with it and content with my protein count today as well as my overall Macro ratios. 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 311g

Fat – 168g

Carbs – 332g

Total – 4061 calories


I had a great workout and stayed far below the carb count I would normally hit on a heavy lift day. This was one of the most complete workouts I have had in a few weeks, meaning I got in, did everything I planned to do, then got out. I would like this pattern to remain in the coming weeks. 

I ran a mile this evening at a slow pace. I am enjoying the evening runs after my food has digested some. I think this could be something I keep once I get back into a normal work schedule. 


I expect to fast approximately 22 hours tomorrow. I want a functional workout (perhaps a HIIT session) then I will break after that workout. No specific run plans but I would like to incorporate sprints into the workout. Likely a 1-2 mile jog after or in the evening again. 

Once again, I will plan to open with and attempt to fill up on the proteins. I would prefer to moderate Carbs, possibly around 200g unless I am craving something specific.  

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