Today was a slow Sunday. Eating early yesterday kind of forced me to go longer on my fast today. I broke at 23 ½ hours. My meal time was almost the same as yesterday so that was convenient. I held it open longer to allow tomorrow to offset. I focused on protein today like I had planned to do. This included a Ribeye steak and almost 2lbs of country style ribs. I really like eating fatty meat cuts. They seem to keep me full longer. I also added some bacon to the mix so today was very meat heavy. I had a few doughnuts for desert. Then I drank a protein shake at 4pm to close my window. 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 307g

Fat – 325g

Carbs – 196g

Total – 4840 calories


My plan to focus on protein was successful. I also observed that my fat content was really high in comparison, but I was able to moderate carbs better. I can live with today’s strategy. My calories count the past 3 days is slight concerning but I believe it will level off over the new couple of weeks.

I was able to run 3.5 miles this evening at a slow pace. I suspect that will help tomorrow with depleting glucose faster. 


I expect to fast approximately 22 hours tomorrow and keep the same eating window of 2pm breaking. I will intentionally leave my window open longer, till 5 or 6pm in order to start pushing my meal times later. 

Tomorrow is a heavy lift day, I will likely go heavy on deadlifts, shoulders as well. Short run of 1-2 miles. 

Once again, I will plan to open with and attempt to fill up on the proteins. I am ok with a higher carb count on heavy lift days so I expect that to go up. 

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