Not much to report on today. I think there will be many days like today if all goes well. You/I should fall into a rhythm as daily habits become more normal. I ate at 20 ½ hours today, which was 2pm. I grilled 3 burgers with bacon, cheese and bun. Which was an effort to emphasize protein. The % of carbs to protein today was more reasonable today. It would like higher protein content, which I will focus on again tomorrow. I had some Chips Ahoy Cookies with Chocolate milk for desert. I ran my mile about 3 hours after, allowing my food to settle some. It is not my normal practice to run after my meal. I was feeling pretty hungry when I broke. I had minimal cravings earlier in the day, but close to meal time they intensified. So, I had my meal and waited for the run. 

The Macro Breakdown

Protein – 147g

Fat – 222g

Carbs – 473g

Total – 4415


I think it is obvious to many that I could just set a macro count and try to hit it. I think this negates Appetite Correction. Which is the ultimate goal of hormone balancing through fasting. In order to achieve this the way that I hope, I need to intake adequate protein within my mealtime, but also within the limits of my body’s cravings. I have accomplished this in the past, we will walk closer to it each day here. 


I want to keep a 20 hours window tomorrow. This allows a potential open at 11am. However, I do not expect to eat before noon. I will be in church until 12 pm. I would like to evaluate after church and decide whether to eat or delay until around 2 pm. I prefer the later afternoon eating window and I do not want it creeping too early in the day.  

No workout planned tomorrow other than a jog. I would like to stretch this out further, possibly 3-4 miles if I’m feeling up to it. Nothing fast. 

Once again, I will plan to open with and attempt to fill up on the proteins. I believe this will help me with the ratio I prefer. 

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