Today went well overall on the fasting side. Staying busy trying to settle in helped get through a few times when I was experiencing hunger pangs. I have found in the past, that staying busy and sipping on tea or coffee can help these cravings pass. This held true today, I sipped on some warm tea in the AM. 

No workout today, mostly due to trying to settle into a new apartment and running around. Moving stuff in was a little exercise but nothing significant. I was able to get my mile run in before breaking fast at 20 ½ hours.

I opened with some Reece’s cups. We ate at Cracker Barrel where I chose fried chicken, okra, hash brown casserole and several biscuits. All of which I have now added to MyFitnessPal which provided the following metrics:

Protein – 122g

Fat – 122g

Carbs – 776g

Total – 4810


I want to trust my cravings and I will maintain that approach; I was not happy with my protein consumption today. I feel that it was a factor in consuming so many carbs. I have no intention of staying low carb, but I’m not happy with todays Macro ratio. 

Plan Tomorrow

I want to keep a 20 hours window tomorrow. This window will potentially open at 2pm if my workouts are completed. I have been enjoying eating a little later (5-7 the last few days). If that the case I may hold back my break and open around 4 or 5pm.

I will plan to open with and attempt to fill up on the proteins. I believe this will help me with the ratio I prefer. 

I also plan to run and workout. Run plan is 3 miles, workout will likely be full body. 

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