This will be a series. A real time chronicle of my journey to achieve my former conditioning or better. 

Series Mantra:

Fast Daily, Eat Fully, Workout Consistently !


I have just completed a cross-country move from Texas to New York due to military reassignment. This journey was not direct, rather it included stops in Georgia, Florida, Virginia/DC and Pennsylvania over a 26-day period. 

Former Body Weight:

Obviously, weight fluctuates, this is why it is not the ideal metric to track progress. However, I will use it as best that I can to gauge a general indication of progress. In the 2-week period prior to the move my average weight was 258.4lbs, if we look back over that entire last month, my average weight was 256.5lbs. This will allow a good indicator range of when I am getting back to my body condition when I left Texas. 

Current Body Weight:

Today I weighed in at 269lbs for the CrossFit Competition (more to follow on that). I will consider this to be day 0 (April 11, 2019). I will weigh again tomorrow to ensure this starting weight is consistent. 

Fasting Schedule:

My plan is stick to a 20 hour fast at a minimum, Today I was able to reach this. I broke just short of 21 hours. I would like to gradually find a comfortable timeline that helps me maintain this window. 

Calories Protocol:

I do not believe that calorie counting is necessary to lose weight. Our bodies already understand our energy needs, it is our job to listen to the signal and feed accordingly. I also recognize that it would be difficult to provide any accuracy to you, the reader, without some knowledge of what I am consuming. So, I will listen to my body to achieve Appetite Correction. At the conclusion of the day, I will input what I ate to MyFitnessPal, in order to provide to a calorie count, as well as a Macro breakdown. I will attempt to prioritize protein choices when I eat, other than that, I will eat according to my body cravings.

Today’s eating:

I ate dinner at 5 pm, yesterday closed at 7:30 pm. I finished eating around 6:30 pm, at 7:20 I had a handful of Hershey kisses as desert prior to closing. Food that I ate today: a large order of Bacon Cheese Fries and 1/2lb bacon cheeseburger. 


Protein – 102g

Fat – 182g

Carbs – 210g

Total – 2880 calories


Today I competed, impromptu, in a local CrossFit competition with 34 other competitors. I began the competition at 14 hours fasted, remained fasted until 21 hours when I broke with the above listed meal. I also ran a mile. I won this competition, handily I may add, despite the 26 days of inconsistency. I bring this up because I often hear this argument “ I cant workout fasted, I do CrossFit”. Not everyone needs to workout fasted, but you will be surprised at what you are capable of if you will allow your body to adapt. I don’t do CrossFit, I do harder workouts than many of the WODS that I see advertised. 

The overall plan for fitness during this chronicle: daily runs of at least 1 mile, at least 2 of these runs each week will be 3 miles or greater. I will also work out with weight training or some sort of functional resistance at least 5 days a week. 

Reporting Schedule:

I will chronicle each day at the end, similar to this post. A summary of the day, how I felt and perhaps how things are progressing. I hope you will bookmark or follow the page and stay tuned. 

Happy Fasting!!

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