HELP!!! I fell off my diet… what to I do now?

This is something that I have dealt with personally several times. I have spoken with countless individuals that have had similar experiences as mine. You are doing well in a routine, you are finding success, life is great. 

Then you fall of track. 

We can all list countless reasons that we may fall off track from time to time. Everything ranging from busy schedules, vacations, parties to physical reasons like sickness or injury. Regardless of the catalyst, once you find yourself away from your normal pattern, it can be a challenge to get back on track. 

This article is for you. Let’s discuss getting back on track…

First though, lets discuss why it can be so difficult to get back on track. Your body is used to your tricks for one. The little hacks that we try when we are starting a new routine. Your body is smarter than you think. Once you fall off and try to get back, it can be hard to “trick” your body again. It recognizes your methods. 

This is why this routine is so effective. It’s not about tricking your mind or body. This is you slowly building a habit that will sustain you over time. It works even if you’ve fallen off 10 times. If you will do this and not cheat the system. Then you will get back on track fasting. 

The hardest part of getting back on track is recognizing that you are re-establishing patterns. The temptation is to try to immediately go back to the routine you kept before your slip. A few people will manage this successfully. The majority of us will need to step back and approach this problem differently. 

This is method is focused on habit. So, the first thing you are going to do is fast as long as you can. 

Starting right now! 

Not tomorrow, or on the infamous “Monday” … This starts right now.


This is brand new today. Your body doesn’t care if you did a 3 day fast last month or if you’ve had a consistent schedule for the past year. It recognizes that this is not your current habit, and it will resist any changes. Just remember. This is your first fast. Day 1. 

So, starting now, fast as long as you can manage. Focus less on the time and more on going as long as you are comfortably able. This may be 12 hours, or 16, or 18, 20… the length isn’t important. What is important in this stage is consistency. You will fast for as long as you comfortably can, then you eat. Make sure that you refeed adequately during this time. The length of the eating window is less important than making sure that you are full. 

Let’s estimate for this scenario: you make it 14 hours on your first day fasting, at 14 hours you feel like you need to eat. Eat. Make sure you get full. Wait a few hours and monitor your appetite. 


What are you focusing on…? 

Did you guess habit and consistency? If so, then give yourself a pat on the back. 

Once you are satisfied and you know that you can get to bed without eating again today, it is time to close your window. Once the eating window closes, your goal is to beat yesterday’s fasting time. Since yesterday was 14 hours, you need to pass that today. You are still fasting as long as you can. So, if you make it 20 hours, great. If you only make it 15, that’s good too. But if you only make it 13 hours… you need to push a little. Dig deep and build these habits. 

This process will repeat each day for at least a week. Even if you start feeling back on track after only a few days, keep this process for at least a week. Why would you keep this process if you think you are back on track?

Did you guess habit and consistency? If so, then give yourself a pat on the back. 

Main points:

  • Fast as long as you can each day
  • Focus on a full re-feed, get full not stuffed
  • Beat your fasting time from the day prior
  • Don’t rush this process

Once you reach your desired fasting window, maintain it for at least an additional week without deviations. Now you have 2 good weeks of building habits and your body is responding well. The future is up to you at this point. 

Happy Fasting!!

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